Souvannah + Winston

It's been a while since I've done a Man + Beast shoot and it felt good to get back into it. In case your forgot, this is my pet project (literally). Pets are often overlooked in photographed but stand as some of the most important living things in many people's lives. That definitely stands true for Souvannah and Winston. Winston is a new love in Souvannah's life and the first toy-sized dog she's had but she's had dogs before, only larger. Fortunately, despite Winston's small size, he does not lack in spunk and love. These two spend just about every minute together and get each other through the day. 

The Dee Dees

The Dee Dees are a Ramones tribute band, obviously. I had so much photographing them over at Darrell's Tavern, a bar they frequent. The Ramones have been one of my most favorite bands for as long as I can remember so it was fun to work with these ladies. I only got a sneak peak of their performance, but from what I can tell, they pretty much kill. So next time they play we all best get out booty on over and rock out with them, 1970's punk style, baby. 

Helado Negro

I had the honor of photographing Helado Negro for KEXP this week, an important artist to follow right now. Helado Negro is a music and performance project created by Roberto Carlos Lange, an artist based in Brooklyn. In a time of political uproar, his work explores what it means to be a musician, artist, and Latin American. It's about self-identity. His music and shows are hauntingly beautiful and I recommend investing some time in him. Here are a few of the photographs I created as well as a video of his. 

Adam Way

Adam Way is a cool dude, photographer, musician and runs Way & Co., a production and promotion team. They're always putting on super cool shows and are a huge part of the local DIY and independent scene in Seattle. Skyler Ford, one of Adam's oldest friends crashed our shoot as well. Friends are always welcome in my photoshoots. The more the merrier. Thanks to the both of them for indulging me in some lighting experiments. 

Madeline Down

Madeline took up the violin when she was a kid and while she pursued a degree in a business, she still kept it up. She enjoys many creative fields including photography and plans to use her business and creative knowledge to continue in her career but she still plays and performs as a violinist on the side and plans to keep it up. She fiddled around during out photoshoot (pun intended) and while I'm no expert, she was very good. I'm always very impressed by people who are so talented at so many things. Here I am just turning on lights and pressing buttons and can't seem to think about anything else long enough to be good at it...

Herbivore Botanicals

I did some product work for a local Seattle company a few weeks ago. Herbivore Botanicals makes high end, all natural and beautiful body products. They handed me some of their best selling products and said "Do whatever you want!" While it can be a little intimidating and terrifying when clients do that, it's also a lot of fun and good challenge for me. I love when I get a chance to try my hand at a little art directing.

Nick Waterhouse at Neumos

One of my favorites played Neumos last week. It's been a while since I've shot a show but I couldn't resist Nick Waterhouse, a master of vintage psych/soul sounds. I had seen him before but not with my camera. His soulful sounds and sultry stage presence needed to be visually captured. He has a new record out, Never Twice. It's his third album and some say it's his greatest. He may be one that can do no wrong by me.